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AURO UK Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

AURO UK distribute natural paints based on vegetable resins, we do not use petro-chemicals in our products. We are dedicated to operating in a manner that causes the least amount of negative impact on our environment, and to continuously seek improvement in order to reduce, re-use, recycle and create sustainable solutions. The main manufacture of our paints is done through AURO AG in Germany which is run as a CO2 neutral business, utilising renewable energy, monitoring and reducing consumption and offsetting their reamining CO2 balance through the Climate Neutral Group. In the UK we are part of the Green Shop Group and offset through Carbon Balance. Both carbon offsetting companies above invest in water and other sustainable projects in the third world and Europe, they don’t just plant trees.

Our company policies include:


·      Encouraging cycling to work, by being part of the Government’s Cyclescheme.

·      Sharing cars on business journeys and commuting to and from work where possible.

·      Using a hybrid vehicle i.e. the Toyota Prius on business use to decrease fuel consumption.


·      Computers, printers and additional hardware are switched off overnight and at weekends by a single central  ‘off’ switch in each office.

·      Rechargeable batteries are used wherever possible.

·      Recycled paper is used for printing and faxing, and double-sided printing is always encouraged.

·      Where possible, e-mail is used to transmit information, rather than printed copies.

·      Print cartridges are returned for recycling.


We package goods in cardboard, re-using materials as much as possible. Eco fill ( biodegradable) or shredded paper is used as filling material for parcels of paint. Our paint pots are made from recyclable polypropylene or tin.


We produce very little waste and recycle what we can. For example, waste paper is shredded then used as packing material. Paint is dried and composted, polypropylene tubs are reused by local farmers or sent for recycling.  Older paint is sent to various resource centres, particularly in Gloucestershire, for use as safe creative paints.


·      We purchase supplies from local companies where possible.

·      We provide a non-smoking environment.

·      We encourage our staff to recycle and expect a commitment towards practicing an ecological approach to all aspects of their job.

AURO UK are committed to the implementation of our environmental policy, and to the continual assessment of the environmental impact of our operations.


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