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How to guide ....... Concrete effect

AURO TV have produced a number of informative guides on how to use some of the AURO products to maximum effect, please click on the link to see how to create a special concrete effect on your wall using only the natural, sustainable products that AURO produce.

How to video guide - concrete look

AURO Concrete Look

The concrete look is a creative wall decoration technique for stylish urban living areas. The basis is a mixture of AURO Natural fibre plaster, Wall paint, Tinting colours, water and Wallpaper paste. Two applications are necessary, the first being carried out criss-cross with a roller and then smoothened by distributing the paint under light pressure in curved moves with a spatula. Intermediate sanding with a fine sandpaper is followed by the second application, again with roller and spatula, that provides for a livelier look. The surface is breathable and has a silky smooth appearance.

1st Application:
1,5 kg Natural fibre plaster
1,5 kg Wall paint
0,5 kg Full-shade tinting colour, earth black
(Coverage: ca. 15 m2)

2nd Application:
2 kg Wall paint
0,125 kg Full-shade tinting colour, earth black
25 g Wallpaper paste
1 litre water

AURO's ecological products are based on organic and mineral raw materials.

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